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Trains every 15 minutes by my Orr MN Airbnb room.

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Last September (2021) I went to Orr, MN for my Sister's funeral which consisted of tossing her ashes on the old homestead she grew up on. The homestead contained the house, sauna, garage, well & a Model A. All were on their last leg ready to fall over or rust away. I spent several nights in Orr at an Airbnb listening to the trains going by. The single track was between my street and U.S. Hwy 53. One train during the day had 140+ cars and 3 CN diesels. The cars were mainly hopper cars carrying potash from Canada down to Duluth, MN. Also heard the trains from the homestead. No Bigfoot in sight, only several relatives. Bigfoot are in western MN according to a YouTube video.

On Saturday traveled to International Falls to view the country line and downtown. Have the movie "International Falls" at home. On the way back from Orr, we noticed a double track with one of them having several miles of hoppers with occasional breaks due to roads & driveways cutting across. Kind of an interesting trip.