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Side Project-What Axle is under which car?

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I wouldn't call is a side track, but I was starting a re-wheelset project for some of the more senior of my passenger cars. Data I had was of some use, but the first axle I pulled to replace didn't match the published dimension. So, as I had a few cars laying about at hand, I grabbed the calipers and dug into the subject for myself. What info I've gained is no where near defining, but will be adequate for my needs, and I am sharing my link to a Google table I have begun.
A couple of notes. Plastic wheelsets or wheels are in a purple color; wheel diameters are taken as close to the flange as possible; this table will be updated from time to time as new data is encountered.
Thanks for looking!


  1. Woody709acy's Avatar
    I will amend the entry for Wheels of Time 6 wheel trucks. I've spent quite a few minutes making adjustments to several of these cars, and have come to the conclusion that anything size-wise might be mounted to these trucks. I needed to remove the trucks to grind away a lip that was hanging the coupler trip pin top on the sills, and have measured axles ranging from .541 to .562 from these trucks (six samples) while they were apart. I've also noticed that the left center axle (coupler left, looking from bottom) wheel was always dirtier than the others. Almost as if the chamfer center was lower, and making the axle/wheel ride harder. Not by much, but this will also require further investigation. Several of the cars do not roll freely, also.

    If replacement wheelsets were more abundant right now, I'd just replace the lot of them. I wanted these products to be a favorite, but have lost some faith in them at this time.