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A contribution for Earth Day

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Planted my first tree on the layout

The Grand Central Station has been under construction, painted, and is waiting on the decision if I'm up to fabbing over 120 custom windows (and 4 doors). I leaning toward just printing the frames on acetate since they are dark frames on a dark brown building. This will expedite the further completion, as opposed to me getting disappointed with my efforts and letting the project languish. I also am starting the train shed portion today. I plan to bend and heat set several Evergreen Styrene "H" beams to shape for a start. I'm not sure if further detailing the trusses will be part of the design or not. I'm big into KISS method, and want an overall taste, not an architecturally accurate, museum quality structure.

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  1. Albey25's Avatar
    Great looking tree! It puts me in the mind of those "upper class neighborhood" areas where crews of guys come every month or so, to prune and sculpt so that a whole row of them all look identical. Looking forward to progress reports.