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The Grand Central is now Free Standing

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Yesterday, I got back to work (er, RE-laxation) by finally getting tired of attaching the station walls to the skeleton each time I wanted to contemplate (AD-mire)the progress. I knew this was a no turn back point, but that's what the hobby is at times. So the multiple walls were (super)glued together. I'll admit that not everything came together square, but I was very surprised that as much did given the "clothespin" nature of my trial fitting.
Still much more detail to add, rooves to paint, windows to design and install eventually. Plan on getting a 3D gizmo sometime soon. I did prototype a couple of openings, decided the results were worse than acceptable, hence the desire to screw them up on a massive scale!
Next up is the train shed. I have tried a form to bend the Evergreen Styrene 283 "H" beams, and to my surprise, it worked! My formula is to squeeze the beam between the two illustration boards, clip the movable parts together with those handy hair clips, fire up outdoor grill to 300, place the form on a raised steel block and COOK for 15 to 20 minutes, turning over after 8 to 10. I found that lower temperature readings don't take a full set of 4.5" Radius, and higher temps lead to plastic deformation (twist).
Those small notches were how much the #283 exceeded a half circle. I've done some #285's- they take longer cook time, more susceptible to twist, and need an eighth of an inch cut off to fir the form.
I'll be ordering many more bags of the Evergreen #283's, as I wish to make the shed 5 full length cars long, and I'm utilizing leftover Faller shed windows which are 3 for 5". I will make the shed removable and mount the station and shed on some of the concrete colored matte board I bought last month.

Thanks for having a look-see!