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Shed Ribs

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I've heat set a total of 16 shed framing ribs, which was the sum total of the #283-4-5 Evergreen H Columns I could lay my hands on locally. I set up two pieces of balsa from another project along the sides of Grand Central and drilled them to match the length of glass panels left over from a Faller train shed kit (see La Salle station build).[IMG][/IMG]
I have enough for the minimum distance I wanted to cover, but I will order more to 1) extend the shed to at least 5 full carlengths, & 2) replace the Evergreen #285's which are distorted and large.
I will also order what I hope is enough corrugated plastic to cover the shed. A little extra will be ordered to try the heat shaping trick with those sheets, too.[IMG][/IMG]
Thanks for looking!
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