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Small addition to wheel data, and a Wheels of Time observation

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The new info is on what I term WoT type 1 4 wheel trucks (with a tapered coupler pocket)

axle l = .546
axle d = .054 to .069 tapered
wheel d = .225
flange d = .264

I can't swear that the WoT 4 wheel truck type 2 has the same wheelsets. I changed out the axles with InterMountain's on the lone car I had with that truck type without thinking to measure the offensive wobblers.
I do know that they don't seem to fill in the axle pockets like the originals.
And for completeness, this is the 6 wheel truck I have under all such "heavy" cars (excuse the fur)

I don't see the 'WOT' mark cast on these as I do on the 4 wheel sets. These also seem a bit looser in the axle pockets. It was noted that the needle on these InterMountains was a sharper point than had come out.
I am unable to measure the point to point inside the pocket, which is maybe a good thing.

As always, thanks for looking.
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