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Concept vs the physical output

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An update here offered, and other thoughts on the layout and a perceived vision of what lays ahead. There is (as always) much to do, and lately, keeping a focus on the follow through has been a weakness, merely starting a sub-project but never seeming to carry on to a completed cycle. Examples would be my one linear foot of ballasted track with 499 to go, one strip of trees, one quarter square foot of turf; you can see where this is going.

My latest pet projects are switch machine polarity (fidelity with the panel switch direction) and the feed to the frogs, and as indicated in my "What you're buying this month" post, passenger car weighing. I've not begun to actually add the weights where necessary. Kind of wishing I had the skill to form and pour interior seating from metal for different cars, but that would be a cottage industry I would abandon in short order.

The post office got some painting attention, the train shed for Grand Central is awaiting a new curving form as the original I fabbed was too tight of a radius. Skylights have been installed at the clerestory walkways. Built a couple of vehicles, painted a few also.

I tend to play "chess" with some of my buildings, trying to make sense of the locations and combinations available. I have found I left far too little space between tracks for roads and buildings. And with that goes a lack of commitment to permanently plunk them down in place. And, with that, a further effort to wire up lights for a living environment. These actions seem far down the list when compared to watching the El Capitan meet the Super Chief on its travels, and the City of San Francisco make it's scheduled departure.

I've made lists of cars, of turnouts, of track segments and divisions, thinking that is the wilful force to make them complete. Then I say to myself "Relax, its good enough for now" and mark one part and another on my mental calendar for todo scheduling before having to moving it on to a bucket list priority.

And for the purists-I've renamed the railroad to Akron, Chicago & ...(Yukon, Yuma, Yellowstone, Yreka, Yakima, Ypsilanti, Yazoo?(sorry, Yonkers, you don't make the short list)).
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