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City of - Trains

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I'm knee deep into getting these 3D printed bodies painted and lettered. Missed the true mask point across the air intakes on purpose to get a good seal, and also to align the bottom lines up...the printed E2's are just a bit short and tall.
The new decals for red stripes didn't hold together, almost as if there were no top coat to seal the ink to the backing slip. So I'll be working on that. These bodies were made for Kato chassis's, but required quite some touch-up to actually fit the mechanism. I have two more on the way, just need to find a Kato dummy, if such an item exists.[IMG][/IMG]
The top A unit is from a different casting I bought eons ago, and was already finished. It is sized for a Life-Like chassis, but a Kato E frame also fits very well.
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  1. ranulf's Avatar
    That's looking pretty awesome so far!!! I assume they are resin printed?
  2. Woody709acy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ranulf
    That's looking pretty awesome so far!!! I assume they are resin printed?
    The three at the bottom are resin prints. Not flawless, but decent. Layer lines are visible, sometimes the offset is pronounced. As I mentioned, the dimensions seem to have crept slightly smaller in all directions-not a great amount, maybe a millimeter plus on length, fractionally on width. They all seem a bit tall on the one E-5A chassis I have, as if sitting high on something hanging it up. I'll recheck that once the two remaining chassis' arrive. There is not a lot of 'meat' to carve out of the inside of the shells. But I'm happy to have the fleet!