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First real run

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OK, so I've been inconsistently working on my track the last few weeks. Cleaning has been a problem/chore, and I've tried a lot of different solutions. I tend to like the Woodland Scenics solution a lot, but the inserts are pricey. Because my track was so dirty to start, I've been using the wand and the two hard cleaners, and then using paper towels for the soft stuff since I've ruined the included soft inserts. After a few weeks of elbow grease (not total, but like clean, test, clean some more, test, take a 4 day break), I've gotten it clean enough that my Kato lit cars stay light for the entire trip. Now I can start a train and watch it for a while, which is nice. It all finally clicked when I added in the no-ox though. I've used that in O scale layouts as well, and it just works as the last piece of the cleaning track puzzle.

Unfortunately, I found that I have a dead short in the upper reversing loop. Not sure where yet, as the Fluke shows no sign of a short when disconnected from track power. Removing all the feeders does not impact detection of the short (It's a small segment, one feeder is enough to test, but no combination of feeders impacts the PM74 detecting a short). I'm suspecting my Peco curved electrofrog for the culprit right now which I think explains why my Fluke can't detect it, but the PM74 thinks there is one. I'll have to keep working on that to find the problem because it means I can only run trains on the outer loop right now. I need to get all the tracks working so I can start doing scenery.

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