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Change in direction (pun sorta intended)

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So, after some time off to work on the house, and some trips that had to be taken, I'm ready to dig back in. One of the problems with my first layout design is that it's complicated for the space. And the two parallel tracks at the top can't really ever be used. For this reason, and because I want to continuous run this, I'm going to make some changes. Instead of the top parallel, I'm going to make that part of the larger loop with more room for scenery and a small passing lane with a siding to park an unused train. This is simpler, and should be more fun as it gives me more room to run. I plan to keep the elevations and the two inside loops are fun and fine. I can turn trains around completely and run two at the same time in opposite directions even without them ever touching each other. I still have the problem of switching the reversing loops correctly, but I plan to use JMRI for that. Although I did see a neat video showing how to use a sensor to auto switch them. We'll see.

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