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#1 Big Boy

Finding the best Kato Unitrack track planning software that is free

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Hello Fellow N-Scalers,
I was looking through some track planning books and I came across two layouts in a book called 101track plans. #58 Grand River Western RR & #97 Philadelphia &Reading System. 1st of all I don't own a Computer, 2nd I couldn't draw a straight line If my life dependent on it.
I suppose I would have to use a Computer in order for me to see how many pieces I will need to design the Layout of my choice. Which ever Layout I choose I plan on making some minor changes so it would be the way I would like to run the Layout. Do you think that both Layouts #58 & #97 can be Accomplished Fully Automated by using The Kato Unitrack System? Can someone Please Let me Know What is the Best Track Planning Software that is Free?
I Hope to hear from Someone Soon.
To all the N-Scalers Out Their
Happy Halloween Everyone Have Fun.
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