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How to build a Clinometer. Part 3.

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Calibrate the clinometer:

Refer to the diagram below. On a flat level surface mark a distance of 25 inchs. Place a piece of double sided tape on each mark so that the distance between the pieces of tape is 25 inches. On the left piece of tape place a .25 inch piece of stock. Then lay a straight piece of wood between the right hand piece of tape and resting on the piece of .25 inch stock. Place the clinometer on the straight edge. Mark the point on the base member of the clinometer frame where the indicator pendulum is located. This will be a 1 % incline. Turn the clinometer around and mark the other side. Add another piece of .25 inch stock to the first. Mark the position of the pendulum on both sides. This is a 2 % incline. Continue adding pieces of .25 inch stock until you have marked the 3 %, 4 %, and 5 % inclines on the base of the clinometer. Then move the .25 inch stock to the edge of the tape on the right and repeat the process of marking the incline measurements.

For my straight edge I use a steel yardstick taped to a piece of 1 by 2. To mark the incline measurements, I use a fine point Sharpie. I only put a dot as the indicator mark.
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  1. tommann's Avatar

    Thanks, I'm going to make one!

  2. epumph's Avatar
    Neat wish I thought of it!