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Turtle Creek Industrial Railroad is alive and well!

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Turtle Creek Industrial Railroad is alive and well!

It has been some time since I had a blog entry so I thought that it was time to let you know what is going on with my project. I have the bench-work finished and will supply photos of the work. Here is a shot of the ¾ inch plywood (from scraps) gussets for the rotation axel:

Here is a shot of the dolly with casters:

Here is a shot of the gussets and the ¾ inch black pipe used for the axel:

Here is a shot of the layout board in the rotated position ready for moving:

Next I glued and nailed the ¼ inch plywood over the framework. I had a bit of a headache due to the fact that I decided to design the layout 4” wider and 6” longer than a standard 4 X 8 sheet of ply! I had to piece together 4 inch and 6 inch pieces of ply and the same with the foam. I put the complete sheet of foam over the pieced ply and the pieces of foam over the complete sheet of ply where ever possible. If I were to do it again I would stay within the 4 X 8 constraints! I then used foam friendly glue to glue the first layer of ¾” foam to the ply. I held it in place with weights and with sheetrock screws. The next day I removed the screws and applied more glue and aligned the 2nd layer of ¾ “ foam. I used pads of ¼” plywood into which I drilled clearance holes and used longer sheetrock screws to help hold the sheet down. The screws were removed the next day. I keep a bunch of the 1/4 “ pads for all sorts of clamping applications around the shop.

Here is a shot of the foam and pads:

Well that is about all for now. Next time I’ll let you see my method for laying roadbed and track!
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  1. ranulf's Avatar
    Wow Gene, that's really cool. I presume your layout folds up like that for storage? As a bonus it will be a lot more comfortable to wire and install switch motors being able to rotate it like that.
  2. epumph's Avatar
    It will fit through a 30 inch doorway which allows me to move it to other parts of the garage.
    Yes, I hope it will make underground work easier on my old bones!
  3. MisterMahoney's Avatar
    What incredibly clever engineering, Gene. I am really really impressed. What a great storage solution. And how handy for electrical work!

    With a rotating layout, I think GLUE will figure prominently in your future. ...and don't forget to "un-train" the board before its flipped for storage! Great work!
  4. epumph's Avatar
    yessiree, I will have to be diligent about getting all of the unglued train parts off the layout before I rotate it for moving and storage! I hope not to have to do that on a very regular basis. The trains share my shop area so if I need to use the full shop then I will have to move the train board to another part of the garage.
    Thanks for the compliment on engineering but then we are all engineers - RR, civil, mechanical, electrical, etc.