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Roadbed and Track laying

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Here is how I got the roadbed and track down on the TCIRR.
Tools and materials used to lay roadbed and track:

I used a printout of the layout that was 1" = 12" and laid out a 12" grid on the layout board. I started with the longest straight section and laid the track. I marked the track with a marker and held it in place with push pins and 2" long 'T' pins. I continued to lay the track pinning as I went. With the mainline oval pinned and marked I removed the track.
Next, I used a jig to sand the edges of the roadbed.

Then I used latex caulk spread with a pallet knife and used a wallpaper seam roller to insure flatness and contact. I used pins to hold the roadbed along the main using the marks to help align the roadbed.
Here is a shot of the passing sidings pinned down:

This took a couple of days. I wanted to latex the caulk dry and I would run out of pins!
Next came the track. I soldered several pairs of switches. I also soldered some track feeders to the track were I could. The track was laid the same way as that the roadbed. I used a bead of latex caulk and spread it with a pallet knife. I pressed the track with the seam roller and pinned the track with the pushpins and 'T' pins. Again, I took several days to allow the caulk to set and to recoup some pins.
Here is the start of the track laying:

Next comes the wiring.
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  1. Gen's Avatar
    That's a nice little layout you've got there, Gene....*whispering*...and finally someone who's got 2 passing siding like your supposed to....

    Looks tight and clean, nice work.
  2. epumph's Avatar
    Thanks Gen!
  3. ranulf's Avatar
    Ah! You're using bulletin board cork for your sidings too! I'm considering using it for the main on the rest of my layout as well as the sidings... More befitting a short line to have lo, uneven ballast.