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The First Train on TCIRR!

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Well, on Monday, Feb. 1, 2010 I finally ran a train on the tracks of the TCIRR. First I ran a loco light then I added some cars. I had some derailment issues with the loco and finally figured out that since I didn't have any switch machines or springs that the loco was catching just enough of the point to trip and open the point and cause the rear truck to go on the divergent route. I fixed that with a couple of pins through the hole in the throw-bar. Then the loco ran fine. I did have some stalling or hesitation over the frogs but they aren't powered yet. The train with cars was another story. I will have to check the track gauge, the wheel-set gauge and the flange depths to see if any of these are issues. I also have at least 2 different couplers involved and this might make matters worse?
Anyway, at least the wiring is working and no fires to report!
That's all for now,
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  1. Gargoyle's Avatar
    Congratulations Gene! A long time in coming and it has been great to watch your education and progress.
  2. epumph's Avatar
    Thanks Tony and glad to see you back!