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First Impressions: Downtown Deco's Addams Ave Part One - Completed

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This is a description of the Downtown Deco Hydrocal Kit of Adams Ave. Part One. This kit will become the first structure to be used in Scenery Project 13D. As of now there are several of these type of kits planned for use in this area.

This will be the second Hydrocal kit I will have constructed with Randy’s Burgers being the first. It will mark the start of the main town area on my layout (across the street from the previously completed Saulena’s Tavern, Randy’s Burgers and the “Whistlestop Junction”.

The kit comes in a sturdy cardboard box and contains the four cast walls (well protected by bubble wrap), one quite large (but folded) sheet of signs and awnings, some roof covering, a sealed plastic package of details parts and the instructions.

Note: While this is a single kit there are actually four different adjoined buildings making up this structure.

The detail parts include precut pieces of styrene for the roof, roofing dividers, laser cut doors and windows , some acetate for windows, a stencil for a large building sign, four cast chimneys and a piece of wire to support a sign and the awnings.

The instructions are printed on one side of ten 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper. They are specific to the N scale model but are quite general in nature and start with an introduction to the kit on the first side and continue with specific instructions for this kit (including a couple of pictures) over the next four pages. The remaining pages cover tips on working with Hydrocal in general. They appear reasonably complete.

The published footprint for this structure on Downtown Deco’s web site is 4 x 2 inches. However, the box says 4 ½ x 3 inches and the actual measurements are 4 ½ x 2 ¾ inches! This is for the actual structure itself and does not include any sidewalks, alleys or anything of that type!

Here is a link to Mike Fifer’s page for this kit: and here is the Downtown Deco page:

As with most plaster cast kits there is a little flashing that will need to be trimmed and the wall ends may require some sanding to ensure a flush fit. The instructions imply you may have to trim the roof and you definitely will have to cut the styrene sign supports and the wire by yourself. Another thing you will need to do is provide some support for the roof on the inside of the walls.

Of course, painting is must with kits of this type and some care will be required.

This blog entry will be updated once I have finished building the kit or if I come across something that negates any of the comments I have made above.

Update March 23rd, 2010

This kit has now been completed. Construction was essentially the same as for Randy’s Burgers. Nothing really jumped out at me while going through the construction except the published footprint was too small, the wire provided for the sign and awnings was too short and the small piece of styrene provided for making the roof top sign was also too short.

In both latter cases I was able to improvise with some scrap material I had on hand! I just have to live with the extra size and make it work!

The next thing is to add the write-up to my web site which should happen before too long!

Here are a couple of pictures of the finished kit.

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  1. BryanC (RIP)'s Avatar
    The Alligator Lines web site has now been updated with this structure.

    Got to site and then:
    Structures=>Kits=>Hydrocal Kits Part 2

    Images=>Structures=>Kits=>Hydrocal "Kit" Structures 01

    Thank you
  2. landscaping wiz 808's Avatar
    Those buildings look GREAT Bryan! The paint job you gave them is Superb! I can't wait to have a layout to build structures for, when I do I'm going to have to incorporate this kit into it...If I can find one then!

    Again, great job!