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Report on TCIRR

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Well, after the Summer layout party I thought that I should post a blog entry with some pix that shows where I am at as far as finishing (ha is it ever finished). I have the bridge over Turtle Creek finished and ready to install as soon as I get the creek bed plastered in. I have several pix from various angles. The cork and track for the Murrysville industrial park is down and wired. The cork and track is down in the Turtle Creek industrial park but track is not wired. The freight house siding is a ways from being finished. Both the West and East staging tracks are in and wired. The Riverton yard with car float is still a ways away from finished but the cork is down and waiting for the track. In the next week or so I hope to wire the track and switch indicators in Turtle Ck. At that point I could use the layout except for the Riverton yard and the freight house.
Here is a shot from the Northwest looking SE. On the left is the Riverton yard and aea of the float dock. The Turtle Creek siding is in the middle right. In the distance is the Murrysville industrial park.

This shot is of the Turtle Creek industrial sidings - note track was not glued down at the time of the pic but is now. The small hill in the middle is where the freight house will be and the only area where track is on a grade. The cardboard on the right is a small mockup of a hill to hide the North staging track.

This is a shot from the SE. Visible is the Murrysville industrial park. In the foreground is the East staging. On the right is the creekbed, Riverton yd and TC siding and engine pocket switching lead. The oaktag is a form to use to form a hill to hide the staging track.

This is the Atlas through plate girder bridge and the scratch built abutments. I had to angle the abutments in a less than prototypical way due to the angle of the creek. Oh well!

This is a shot of the DPDT switch that powers the frog of the turnout and the light that indicates how the points are aligned.

So that is about it for now.

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