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Some Pictures of Trains on the TCIRR

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Well, I just got trains running and did some switching too. I don't have any video yet but here are some stills of the workings. I wanted to see just how long my max train would be and based on staging tracks and sidings the longest seems to be 10 cars plus loco. At that I will have to leave cars on the main to switch the industrial areas.
Here is a shot of a train on the Export staging track:

This is the train with a 3 car cut being backed into the Murrysville industrial area:

This is the Murrysville industrial area - a brewery and a steel processing plant will be located there:

A P&LE 50 ft box and a D&H flat are being set out in Turtle Creek. There you will find Planck Bros. Furniture and Weyerhauser Plywood.

And last we have the train back together again and sitting on the Traffod staging track:

The cardboard is a mock up of a tunnel that will help hide the staging track. I will have a high fascia with large holes for access to the tracks.

This last shot is a combination of Rix Rerailer and Atlas rerailer. I don't have room for a cassette but found this get the cars on nicely:

Well that is all for now. Hope to have some video soon. Until then...


  1. hobo's Avatar
    Looking good Gene

    You have a great layout there. I like all the Led indicator lights; also I think your double rerailer idea is good I think I will try this setup on my layout as well.

    Keep those pictures coming
  2. epumph's Avatar
    Hobo, Thanks - your comments mean a lot to me!