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All Track Wiring Finished on TCIR

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Well, Tuesday 1/4/11 I finished all the frog and feeder wiring for the car float/ coal port yard. That was the last bit of wiring to be done. I actually have 2 sets of feeders that are waiting for track to be laid. That would be the track to and onto the car float. I ran trains on the main and on the new yard tracks for about an hour with a few problems. I have some issues with stalls at one particular spot on 2 sidings in Turtle Creek not the new yard. This is probably dirty track. I will have to check the feeders to the track and clean the track.
Suddenly I found myself looking for something to do! So I started the car float, float bridge (and one day the barge). I also started planning the town of Turtle Creek. I will be working on structures now more than on track. I will also be running trains more!
That's it for now.
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