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Starting Over...

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To date I've started several layouts, but barely even started gluing track down before changing my mind. Most recently I fell victim to the all to familiar 'huge layout plan that took to long to get started' and 'keep changing my mind about what I want and never commit to anything' scenarios. With no trains to run for too long I abandon the whole thing and took a break.

Inspired by the fine work I'm seeing on this and other forums I decided this winter to take up my yard stick and go ahead and build something. I'm going to start small this time. I have a good amount of track but unlike the last few attempts, I'm not going to try and use it all!

With the number of plans published all over in books and on the internet, I decided to start with one of them. I drew up this 12x80 shelf based heavily on Byron Henderson's San Jose Switcher The numbers in parenthesis indicate the number of around 50' cars I think would fit.

Kalbert's track plan based on Byron Henderson's San Jose switching layout.

I'm sticking with my early 1980's time period and Chicago & Northwestern, though if more DME/ICE becomes available it would be fun to change it up and run late 90's sometimes.

I figure I'll put 5 or so cars on the 'interchange', and depending on what they are, distribute them to appropriate customers. The elevator and mill will get grain hoppers. The scrap yard gondolas and flats, flats to the lumber yard/truss plant too. Plastics hoppers to the plastic place, and box cars to the team & transfer, they could occasionally be spotted about anywhere else too. Switching will be with one 4 axle diesel, and I'd probably operate it as simply, with as little 'puzzle' as possible.

So I think it offers what I'm looking for in a small enough package that I can finish it (or at least use it!). Would also consider adding on to it to include a small yard and loco facility.


Updated 20th Feb 2011 at 01:31 AM by kalbert

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