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Griff's Grimeshop & Georgia Pacific N Scale Paper Mill Blog

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After returning from Iraq, I decided not to put my old website back online ( Despite the nice cost savings, I have missed the ability to post pics of my weathered cars for a historical record & for the memories.

Instead of a website, I decided to do a Google Blog Spot to share progress shots/ideas from my layout/module and to share my weathered cars and weathering techniques.

Please visit my blog at:

Here is a teaser shot of my GP Paper Mill (2'x7') N scale module/layout at NIGHT under the LIGHTS:

A few of the many weathered cars available for viewing on the blog:

Please sign up and follow my progress!

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  1. spam1234's Avatar
    really great weathering Griff thank you for going to Irag and welcome back home
  2. mrg76's Avatar
    Thanks for the kind words - really appreciate it! Happy Railroading ~ GRIFF
  3. coffeeman's Avatar
    Welcome home!
  4. Fairmed's Avatar
    Welcome home! I am a certified service-connected disabled Vet (Vietnam) and it takes some time to adjust back to civilian life. You seem to be on the right track (pun intended). I was thinking about running my new Santa Fe set around a few blocks in East Los Angeles, looks like your techniques can save me the trouble!
  5. GTW-N-Scale's Avatar
    Welcome home job well done. Those cars look great.
  6. mrg76's Avatar
    Thanks so much everyone! @ Fairmed - thank you for your service! Happy I could inspire 8o) @GTW-N-Scale - thanks - happy you stopped by.