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Joy and tradgety of life

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This has very little to do about trains. It has to do with a recent life experience we recently had. We (my wife and I) were on our way to Pennsylvania to help my daughter and son in law with their 2nd child. She was to go into the hospital Monday night and have induced labor on Tuesday morning. On the ride out my wife got a call that disclosed that our brother in law had had a stroke. He was with his daughter washing her car in exchange for her planting some bedding plants. He complained of dizziness and they went inside to get out of the heat. She got him a drink of orange juice and was in the process of making him a sandwich when he was glossed over. He got immediate care - the hospital is only about 5 mins away from his house. He had a severe bleed and was pronounced brain dead. He died Wednesday evening.
So, why write a blog entry about this? The answer is that I wanted to remind everyone how short and a fragile life is. We must live it to the fullest. My brother in law was 72 and on the Thursday before the stroke he had had a physical and the doc gave him a clean bill of health. So, please enjoy your life, your families and friends while you can.
On the bright side, mom and son are doing fine.
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  1. Chicago Rail's Avatar
    Thanks for posting this story Gene,,, Words to live by.