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w neal

Obliterated by Trees

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Was just posting this elsewhere.

I planned a portion of my mainline to pass behind the forest and only "peek" out at river crossings. While this goes against much of the modeling grain, I enjoy the view. It reminds me of many railfaning trips. Also, it emphasizes how the trains are sometimes dominated, or only pass through, the wilderness. It bodes well for highlighting that the environs are indeed dominated by trees.

My forest is modeled in cross section so that one has a nice view under the canopy. I have had to ask more than visitor to look under the canopy to see the train in the 10 or so feet that I tried this effect.. But then, just hearing the train behind the canopy begs some to seek a way to view it.

Here is the view above:

Here is the view below:

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  1. Eldreck's Avatar
    I like it. Looks realistic.
  2. REM37411's Avatar
    I had the exact same thought as Eldrock! I am a big fan of LOTS of trees, great job!
  3. SANDBOX1's Avatar
    Same here. That is AMAZING!!!!
  4. route29's Avatar
    That's a neat effect. Very realistic, and not often attempted. Good job!