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Hurricane Sandy

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Hi everyone!
Just wanted to let you know that my wife and I are fine. We evacuated LBI Sat. We lost power here in Hamburg in Northern NJ on Sunday and got it back on Monday 5 AM. However, our cable and internet were out. We got that back today (Thurs) around noon so here I am reporting!
Our house at the shore was untouched except for a small piece of aluminum fascia and had maybe an inch of water in the garage and workshop - where the trains live! Barnegat Light has a great system of dunes that kept the ocean where it belongs!
We won't be able to get to the house for no one knows. We are with out power there. The roads are impassible due to sand and flooding. Hundreds, maybe thousands of houses are gone on the coast from Sandy Hook to Cape May. This Thanksgiving Karen and I certainly will have something for which to be thankful.
I have a lot of getting caught up both here and on the TV. I am just dumbfounded at the damage in NJ and NYC.
So that is it for now,
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  1. absnut's Avatar
    We are glad to hear you are both OK. Sounds like you really lucked out with your beach property.
  2. grrf's Avatar
    glad your and yours are ok .
  3. PW&NJ's Avatar
    Great to hear that, Gene. We've been worried and praying for you.
  4. Jugtown Modeler's Avatar
    Wow, glad to hear you and your houses are okay. Thankful there are some positive results out of this storm.