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Life after Sandy

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Well, Monday the property owners on Long Beach Island were allowed to do a 'grab and go'. The government allowed one car to go to the property to get things and assess the damage, etc. So we left our townhouse at 5:30 AM and headed south. At 7 AM we stopped for bathroom and a garbage breakfast sandwich at BK. We were only 10 miles from our exit. Just before the sign that reads 'Exit 63 LBI 2 Miles' we came to a screeching halt. The 3 lanes of the GSP were all dead stopped. There was an accident in the 3rd lane. The Parkway has 3 lanes that exit into ONE lane then that exits on to Rte 72 which is 2 lanes with TRAFFIC Lights. It took us over 2 hrs to go 2.25 miles. We finally got thru the check points where National Guardsmen with machine guns checked our pass. We got to the house around 10 AM. The rest of the day until 3PM we spent washing the floors in the garages and spraying the wet areas with dilute bleach and water. We had to remove all the summer furniture, coolers, beach toys etc to finish the job. We had from 0" up to 6" of bay water in the garages and workshop/train room.
It was 3 PM when we finally got the pipes drained and the traps winterized with anti-freeze. The estimate is anywhere from 1 to 6 months before gas will be restored to the island, so we don't have heat.
We then drove to the alternate voting place since the polls on LBI were not going to be open since no one would be allowed on the island Tues (today). It took 90 minutes or more to get verified, then we got our ballot, filled it out and filed it with the clerk.
We got back to our townhouse at 7:15 PM for an exhausting 14+ hour day.
The bright spot is that we may be able to get back on the island later this week after the nor'easter. If so I might be able to box up some stuff to work on until I can get back to the layout.
Tomorrow will bring another nor'easter to the coast...
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  1. zosimas's Avatar
    Well, that sounds exhausting, good luck with the nor'easter.
  2. grrf's Avatar
    hope you manage to get some sort of order out of the chaos, wishing you and yours all the best.
  3. russtrnmn's Avatar
    I feel your pain Gene. Katrina whacked my area hard. So I completely understand what is going on there.
  4. epumph's Avatar
    russtrnmn and all, thanks for the comments. Russtrnmn, my wife and I sit and watch the TV and see all the destruction and wonder how will these folks rebuild? We had minimal damage which will be repaired at the latest next week. My brother lost the contents of his home, furnace, range, hot water heater. They are in the process of removing sheetrock and insulation. It is a mess.
    We feel so lucky. It surely hurts to see what others are going thru.
    Thanks again to all who have commented.
  5. Jugtown Modeler's Avatar
    Wow. I saw your your thread comments about storm bur missed this blog.
    We were fortunate to slip through unscathed. Glad to hear you did not lose anything irreplaceable. Sorry to hear you still had challenges with the storm. Good luck getting back to normal.
  6. epumph's Avatar
    Well, we should have natural gas by mid week. Then I just have to make an appointment with a plumber to hook up the house line to the meter and check all the appliances for leaks, etc. Once we have gas we will have heat and then I can turn on the water and we can move back in and begin work on the little bit of soaked dry wall and insulation.
    Again, thanks to all who responded to my blog.
  7. epumph's Avatar
    Well, we have GAS! the plumber connected the meter today and checked all the appliances. All started on their own and we have heat, hot water and a stove on which to cook. It is our first full day and night at the house since we evacuated due to Sandy. We have a lot of work to do. A lot of insulation needs to be removed, the areas dried and then repaired. We need to empty each side of the garage and power wash the floor. then I need to get into the shop/train room and assess the damage and dry/repair/clean. It doesn't look like I'll be doing much model railroading for a while, then again, it could have been much worse.
    Thanks to all who have commented and sent good wishes along.