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Locomotive build number one: SD-50F in CN livery.

Didn't take long for the first snag.

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Pulled the shell and various detail parts out of the box and started on the project in earnest. There is a significant amount of flash that needs to be taken care of and before disposing of any of the 'trimmings', a check for very small details is essential. Almost lost the bell! Went to the next step in the instructions and already have the first snag to overcome. It's to drill the holes in the pilots for the couplers.

Of all my drill bits, I don't have a number 50 of all things. Surprising but no hobby shops are open at midnight. A quick search of the websites for the hobby shops within a 100 km of my residence shows nothing available locally. This being said, my experiences have found most websites are not current for inventory levels and don't list everything they carry. Started making phone calls at 9 AM and when the last shop opened up at 11, found what I was looking for. When I was there, found a few more tap and drill combinations I didn't have and picked them up as well. I won't get caught unprepared again. For this build anyway.

I also found a discrepancy between the instruction sheet and the MT 1023 couplers I will be using as to the size of the holes. MT instructions show a #62 drill (which I do have) and a 00-90 tap (which I didn't have. Mine was a 0-56 tap). Either way, I still needed an additional tool accessory for my inventory. I'm going with the MT instructions first.

I have test fitted the pilot/step assemblies and they did need some trimming to fit. However they are not glued in place yet as I want to get the coupler holes drilled first before this step, as per the instructions.

I am impressed with the amount of detail the kit contains. I am also very happy I have a strong magnifier lens in my visor as some of these parts can't even be seen accurately without the sight aid. There are a couple of parts which do not come with the kit needed to finish it off however. These include;

- .010" brass wire,
- A 3R horn which does not appear to be a Leslie. Part of the final detail stage so will cross that bridge later.
- Plow

The kit does provide a number of etched detail parts, including fan covers, grills for intake and exhaust, grab irons, etc.
Now back to building.
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