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Section Introduction

What is the Download section for?

This area of the site is for Members to upload Files that they wish to share with other Members (Junior Members and above).
These may be track plan files, sheetstock kit files, or utility files.
This area is not visible to New Members, non-members, or members not logged-in.
Files will be categorized, be able to be Rated, and receive Comments, just as you can with Threads in the forums.
Files listed will be accompanied by a description, and may also have images attached.
Clicking the button will prompt you to Save the File to your computer.

[Additional Information]
File formats for many of the available track planning programs are accepted, along with spreadsheet, PDF and ZIP files.
If a file format you wish to use is not permitted, please PM an Admin with your request.
Submissions will not appear for other Members until they've been Approved by an Admin.
Members making submissions are responsible for the content of the File, and should make sure it is clean of viruses/malware prior to upload.
Members are to respect Copyright Laws, and not upload Files that they do not have Copyright ownership of, or express permission to publish.

Adding a File

To submit a File to the Download section, click on the Add File link in the toolbar.

Fill in the File Name: field with a brief but descriptive name for the file.
This may or may not be the same as the actual filename.
An example of a track plan filename would be HCD[80x36] for a Hard Core Door layout with an 80"x36" footprint.
For all track plan submissions, please include the footprint size in square braces at the end of the filename.

Fill in the Author: field with Username(s) of the Member(s) that contributed to the content.
This is an auto-fill field, so will give you suggestions as you type... click on a Username in the list to use it.
If more multiple Members are to be listed, separate the Usernames with a semi-colon.

Enter a Description in the Editor field as you would a post to a thread.
This description is limited to 250 characters, but additional Comments can be added after submission to expand on the initial content.

Select a Catogory: from the dropdown field that is most appropriate for the content type you're submitting.

Use the [Browse] button to Upload a File: from your computer.

Or use the Link to a File: field to enter the URL of a file hosted elsewhere on the Internet.
If using Link to a File, you must include the file size in the next field... this is in bytes.

Click on the Add File button (bottom right) to submit the upload file.

Only a single file can be selected/submitted per Download.
If you have multiple files that make up your submission, your options are to combine them into a single document, ZIP them into a compressed archive file, or make a multi-part Download submission (pt1, pt2, etc).
If you're going to do a multi-part submission, please label the files clearly.
Please be careful to not generate file sizes larger than necessary, as they may exceed allowable upload limits.
If you have problems, please check and/or post to the Site Questions & Technical Support forum to gain a resolution.

Adding Images

Once your File has been submitted, you can add images to help Members visualize what the File is.
This might be a screenshot (capture) of a track plan, or a picture of a finished kit.

Go to the submission by clicking on the the download's name.
Below the description you will see Upload an Image... click on the [Browse] button browse to the image you wish to use on your computer.

Click the Add Image button.

You can repeat this process to add more images.
Images added will appear as thumbnails under the description... these are clickable for a full-sized view.
Images appear in the order that they're added.
The first image will be used to represent the Download in the listing, so be sure to use one that best represents your Download submission.

Adding Comments

Once a submission has been approved (usually less than 24hrs), other members can add Comments, just as they would to a thread, by using the Editor field at the bottom of the page.

The Member making the File submission should be able to add Comments to expand on the description prior to the Download being approved.
Comments appear below any attached images.

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