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    Locos with fun stories !

    On the critter train theme - how about a circus train? I don't have a specific loco or story for that, but it was a common thing back in the early 20th

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    What are you buying this Month (April 2020)

    This probably wont receive general acceptance; however, I had 4 Cans of Dullcote ordered with M B Klein and after 5 days it is still awaiting fulfillment!

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    Kit Kraft


    Yep, they seem to have a LOT of stuff that might apply to our hobby. Let us know what you think of it when

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    Kit Kraft

    Cool shop. Looks like they are about an hour away from me. After this virus thing .... road trip


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    Kit Kraft


    Um - Kit Kraft they are a Craft Store in CA ... perhaps I should have included a link:


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