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    Mobile One

    N Scale Architect -> Brick Company

    Wow, it sure is! It is a nice looking structure to be sure! Not sure if the value is there or not though. I guess it all depends on what you are trying

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    Comfortably numb

    Where is Moose

    Sometimes You Just need to be a Lone in the Deep Woods!!!!

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    Where is Moose

    If the problem with the hard drive effects the boot sector then it is likely some of the data can be saved, it really depends on the failure. There are

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    N Scale Architect -> Brick Company

    Jan - do some research on Yankee Hill Brick in Lincoln, NE. Kansas is only about 90 miles from Lincoln.

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    Where is Moose

    [MENTION=10192]Tim R[/MENTION]

    Moose have external hard drive for backing up, buuut, well, Moose no use on regular basis, so, yea,

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