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    Greater Houston train show Feb 15, 2020


    I used to get out there more often, but now I make it once a year. I'm the one who posts that event in the calendar every 6 months.

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    Dash 9 and Tier 4 GEVo

    The one helper photo I posted earlier in the thread is an NS operation out of Louisville. Once a westbound train crosses the Ohio, it has an uphill climb

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    An interim Layout ...

    My layout has been, and will be, on hold for a little while to come due to some unexpected, and unforeseen, other matters. That is becoming a frustrating

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    Paul Schmidt

    Dash 9 and Tier 4 GEVo

    Can I interject something in the interest of accuracy?

    Helper locomotives are rarely, rarely employed any longer. A helper is a manned locomotive

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    Dash 9 and Tier 4 GEVo

    SimRacin14: These are awesome. Thank you for going to all the trouble to pull these together. - it's very much appreciated! I have already gone to

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