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    Paul Schmidt

    More bad news :(

    Actually, Moose has been banished to his train room, without hope of any gnocchi, red wine or Guinness, until said room is cleaned up. When he thinks

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    More bad news :(

    Anyone able to find a link to said article?

    Realistically, basic precautions (such as washing your hands after emptying and discarding

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    More bad news :(

    @zosimas @Paul Schmidt

    I also believe that it is progressing civilly and with maturity; HOWEVER, IF it does degenerate into argument, debate,

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    Paul Schmidt

    More bad news :(

    Been plenty civil so far.

    Suppose the delivery person happens to sneeze and gets whatever virus on your package before leaving it on the

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    More bad news :(

    Under the circumstances I will leave this off-topic thread here, but please keep it civil.

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