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    More bad news :(

    Well, their measures are less draconian. It's not that they don't take any measures (universities and schools beyond grade 9 are closed, visits to retiree

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    April 1st

    Sorry, no April fools story this year. The Fairy's too busy sprinkling fairy dust on my ailments ! BUT, she's still at large , so the rest of you, just

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    Weekend Update (27th Mar 2020)

    Moose have inventory speadsheets of most of this stuff, and Moose has been thinking that they should be updated as to what is in which box ... but then

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    Gary Rowan

    More bad news :(

    You deserve at least 3 thumbs up .... I can only give you one.

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    Weekend Update (27th Mar 2020)

    Yeah, I've been doing the same in O scale. I had a Williams caboose kit that I added 6 strips of automotive wheel weights to and now it tracks MUCH better

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