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Thread: What is 'N' Scale?

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    Default What is 'N' Scale?

    'N' Scale is a term generically used to describe a group of modeling scales.

    Technically it is 'N' Gauge... The 'N' being for nine millimeter (9mm), which defines the distance between the rails of the track used (the gauge).

    The actual 'scale' used differs based on where you are.
    In the U.S. and Europe 1:160 is used to model standard 4'8˝" gauge railways (railroads) on 9mm track.
    In Japan 1:150 is used to model their 3'6" gauge railways on 9mm track.
    In the U.K. 1:148 is commercially used for items running on 9mm track.
    Regardless of the scale used, they all run on 9mm gauge track.

    [Additional Information]
    'N' Gauge was first made commercially available by the Arnold company (Germany) in 1962.

    9mm gauge track can also be used in larger scale to model narrow gauge railways, like HOn30 (also noted as HOn2˝ and HOe).
    For narrow gauge models in 'N' Scale (Nn3), use 'Z' Scale (1:220) track (6.5mm gauge).

    British 'N' Scale
    'N' Scale

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