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Thread: Real life into Models (Tilt Shift / Time Lapse)

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    Default Real life into Models (Tilt Shift / Time Lapse)

    My Brother came over this afternoon and started talking about how he was experimenting with photos and "Tilt Shift".
    With tilt shift you have the ability to turn photos of real life into photos of what looks like miniature models.
    I was simply amazed at this technique and the photos that are posted on the web.
    Google "tilt shift photo"

    Here is an example ->

    He showed me a free on-line site where you can experiment with tilt shift ->

    Also Google "tilt shift videos" for time lapse videos that have been reworked with tilt shift.

    Example ->
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    Here is the 'How To' sites for Tilt Shift:
    (The voices I hear in my head may not be real, but sometimes they come up with a good idea.)

    Have fun.


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