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Thread: Make your own ballast spreader

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    Default Make your own ballast spreader

    Here is a thread showing how you can make your own unique ballast spreader that works very well. I made these primarily from clear acrylic plastic. I bought full sheets from a hardware store, but all that is needed is some scraps, which you might get free if you ask nice. Directions and materials are shown in the sketches. Dimensions and thicknesses are critical for proper operation.

    Don't be tempted to put a coupler on it, because it won't work. Best results are with hand operation.

    To use, just put some ballast between the tracks, and then push the car to spread the ballast. Some brushing may be necessary to remove ballast from the top of ties and near rails, but it is SO MUCH EASIER than trying to spread ballast by hand.

    I didn't do it, but an easier alternative may be to modify an old piece of rolling stock by cutting off one end and gluing on the push slab and foam block.

    I sold a lot of these on ebay for ten bucks each, but it's not that hard to make your own.
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    In the immortal words of Arte Johnson, "Very interesting".
    (The voices I hear in my head may not be real, but sometimes they come up with a good idea.)

    Have fun.


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    Default Make your own ballast spreader.

    Thanks, Gary. Being new to model railroading, when I find something new that works, itís like Christmas all over again.

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