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Thread: nSn Traveling Fleet Registry

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    Default nSn Traveling Fleet Registry

    This thread will serve as a master list of the varying "traveling" fleet items.

    • All traveling fleet items must have two threads;

    1. An Itinerary thread listing members and the general geographical location of each stop (no details)... Include instructions on how to be added to the list... communicate details via email or PM... a link to a progress map would be nice, but is optional.
    2. A Photo thread where members can document their stop.

    • Each of these threads should have links to the other in the first post.
    • When starting a traveling fleet item project, use a unique Road #... if two are going to be similar, append the number with a hyphen and a unique identifier.
    • Make it clear whom is coordinating the movement of the item, and how they are to be contacted... this person is responsible for keeping the threads up to date and knowing where the item is.
    • As a new items itinerary thread is posted, please notify Bryan via PM so it can be added to this list.
    • When an item finishes it's journey and is retired, please notify Bryan via PM with the final stats so they can be noted here.

    nSn Traveling Fleet Registry

    Click on Road # to view the itinerary.
    Road #
    In Service
    50' Boxcar (Atlas) Absnut Feb-2010 45 89,400±
    NSNX2011 50' Boxcar (MTL) Absnut May-2011 20 25,918± Jul-2012
    NSNX2012 Business [heavyweight observation] Car (MTL) Absnut Feb-2012 23 10,500± M.I.A.
    CHFR#2 Bay Window Caboose (?) TwinDad Jun-2012 18 ? Apr-2014
    NSNXT5 0-6-0 Saddle Tank Locomotive (LifeLike on B'mann chassis) zosimas Jun-2012 12 11,204± Jun-2013
    GP7 Locomotive (?) jpwisc
    Jul-2012 14 14,730± Sept-2014
    WVR655 Ex-CR Cupola Caboose Trainman19 Nov-2013 16 ? Aug-2014
    BCCRL#8874 Passenger Car (?) stampbear Jun-2014 7 ? Oct-2014
    NSNX2014 Business [heavyweight observation] Car (MTL) Absnut Jul-2014 16 ? M.I.A.
    NSNMB14 Mystery Box [Assorted Items] TwinDad Sept-2014 ? ?
    PRR-PA1 ALCO PA1 zosimas Nov-2014 9 7,213± Jun-2015
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