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Thread: Best Maintenance Practices For Old Locomotives?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobChuck View Post
    Well, I managed to grab some photos of the locomotives in question.

    First up, three Minitrix F9A's. These are the best runners of the old lot by far, though they are fairly noisy, and don't nearly the same throttle response as my modern Kato (not that I expected them to, however):

    Atlas E8A. This unit does not run at all. I don't even know where to begin here:

    Minitrix 4-6-2 K4 Pacific. This loco runs very well and has good throttle response in corners, but seems to get intermittent pickup on straights. It also runs very quiet. Sometimes I need to nudge the loco with a finger to get started. Some of the drive wheels look a little pitted, and it appears that there are traction surfaces on the front and rear drive wheels, but only on the left side:

    Minitrix 0-6-0 steamers. The AT&SF unit is the best steamer out of the bunch, but I can't get the trucks to stay attached to the tender. The "Li'l Donkey" runs really well, but needs a nudge from my finger sometimes to get started:

    Atlas Plymouth WDTs. Some run really quick, the Soo line doesn't run at all. Throttle response is terrible:

    Atlas EMD SW1500 switcher. Runs nearly as well as my Kato F7, and very quiet. No complaints, but I want to keep this one running well:

    I'm not 100% sure what these are, but they are stamped Atlas. Perhaps a Minitrix GE U**?
    The weights need to be removed to get at the heart of these locos.

    On that E8 make sure the drive shafts are connected. It's a common problem with engines that wont run, but still a rare problem. It's worth taking a look.
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    I wanted to post to thank everyone for their advice. Over the past few weeks, I have run each of the locos over a rag of isopropyl alcohol, cleaned the "guts" of a few of the diesels (I want to get comfortable with the diesels before I start with the steamers), and applied a light amount of gear lube to the locos.

    Overall, the diesels all seem to be running quite a bit better, and the Minitrix F9A's run extremely well now. The Mehano SD45's run ok, but man do they shake! The motor in the E8 appears to be dead. I hooked up the wires directly from a transformer, and didn't get any response. I found a good tutorial on fixing these Rivarossi motors, and didn't have any good results after following the directions...oh well.

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