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    Default NSN2014 Member List

    Here is the list of signer-uppers to date. I am going to shoot for 30-ish as the space in the car is limited for LPP placement. Changes are possible in the event traveling routes must be augmented.

    NSN 2014 Master List

    Absnut - Maine **
    Zosimas - Vermont **
    Twindad - Kentucky **
    WP&P - Ohio**
    Jimmi - Pennsylvania**
    RichM - Pennsylvania**
    Steve from PA - Pennsylvania**
    epumph - New Jersey**
    BNSF733 - Illinois**
    Mill-Bay - British Columbia**
    russtrnmn - Mississippi**
    dcswift - APO - (Texas?)**
    Allen H - Nebraska**
    mph - Nebraska**
    MystRacing - Colorado**
    mooseID - Idaho*
    seanm - California
    Lake - California
    eric220 - California
    Chickenhawk - Australia
    Stampbear - Massachusetts
    pwh70 - New Hampshire
    Musicman - Nova Scotia Canada
    Trainman19 - Indiana
    Boiler-man ?
    Zosimas - Vermont
    jugtownmodeler - New Jersey
    yellowbeard - Ont. Canada
    * = arrived
    ** = departed

    A few years ago, I sent two 50 ft. boxcars on world wide journeys and happily saw them complete their travels. It was a neat feeling to be holding N scale box cars that had been around the world, visiting friends' layouts, and, also, it was great seeing all the photos posted about their travels. So, I had another idea: paint up an MT observation car in NSN colors and send it on its way around the globe with specific, but easily accomplished, requirements for participation. Unfortunately, the car became MIA half way around the globe. Discouraging? Yes, but, I have faith in my NSN community friends and would like to try the project again. I thought it was a nice idea to help build the idea of "community" a couple years ago and, I still do.

    So, here's the deal. I am preparing another MT observation car for travel. Each participant is asked to:

    1.) take and post photos(s) of the car on your layout.
    2.) attach an LPP to represent themselves inside the car.
    3.) locate and identify their LPP on the enclosed "seating/standing" chart.
    4.) forward the car and chart to the next person on the list within a week to ten days.

    So, if you are interested, please send me a PM stating you wish to be included along with your real name and mailing address. As before, I will keep your info secret and only pass your address on to the person who will be sending the car to you. The secret to success here is communication, which lines thereof I will endeavor to keep open between you and me.

    I will have the car ready within a couple weeks and will send it on its way. I ask that you send it along within the recommended time and get delivery confirmation/tracking (when possible) when you send it. Please PM me with the tracking number. This will help me to keep track of the car as well as proving to the world you have mailed it. While Priority Mail is not an absolute must, $50 insurance and tracking is automatically included.

    In the past, paperwork has become separated from the cars so, I ask you be particularly careful to fill out the paperwork and include it with the car when you pass it on. When I have information that the car is on the way to you, I will PM you the information you will need to send it on to the next person.

    I will maintain a public list/post of members expecting the car. The list will be, basically, on a first come/first receive basis but, I will reserve the right to alter it slightly for the cause of convenience, if necessary. For instance, if there are several Canadian stops, I will try to list them in succession to reduce the number of border crossings and help control costs. When sending out of the country, I recommend filling out the customs slip stating the enclosed item is a used toy train, a gift, and less than $25 value. I think I've anticipated any questions that may arise but, if I haven't answered yours, please PM me.
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    NSN 2014 Guidelines

    When you receive NSN 2014:

    1. PM me that the car has arrived and I will send the name and address of the next stop.

    2. PM the next person to make sure they still want to participate and alert them to the fact the car will be on its way soon and ask for confirmation. If you do not hear from that person within a week, PM me, and I will send along the next person's info. I will reschedule if necessary.

    3. Remove the roof to gain access to the inside of the car. Start from the diaphragm end. (I will glue the window strips and partitions in place so you won't have to worry about re-assembly) Install a LPP (Little Plastic Person) in the car, either sitting or standing, to represent you. I recommend using either CA or Goo or something similarly strong. On the floor plan sheet, draw a circle where your figure has been added, sign the sheet on one of the lines provided using your screen name, real name, or both, and draw a line from your name to the circle. Put your number in the circle. You do not have to use "the next number". Any available number will do.

    4. Take pictures (inside and out) to post in the thread.

    5. Send the car on to the next stop and PM me when you have done so.

    And now, additional guidelines:

    6.) Please.. please.. please do not keep the car for more than a week unless an emergency arises. If you know in advance that there might be a problem as your time approaches, please contact me so that I can reschedule you. Communication seems to be the key to success with these activities.

    7.) Please use the USPS tracking/delivery confirmation service within the USA.

    8.) I will more or less keep your names in order received but, to cut down on time used passing through customs on the US/Canada border, I will tend to "group" Canadian stops. Same with "down under" stops. For this reason there will be no list enclosed in the shipping box as the order on the list may change from time to time. The "official" list will be posted and kept current for all to see.

    9.) While it is hoped that the car will be packed well enough to prevent damage, if it is damaged while in transit, feel free to try to repair it yourself. If you cannot, then please return it to me so I can fix it or replace broken parts.

    10.) Most important... have fun with it!

    Communication is the key to Success. Please keep in touch!

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