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Thread: NSN2014 Photo Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by mhampton View Post
    It is possible that the idea of a traveling car is a concept that has run its course and maybe should be retired. If there is a desire to keep it going, maybe the participants should be on the hook for more than just forwarding postage, perhaps a security deposit or participation fee that would be refunded once the car has been sent to its next stop. As it is now, absnut is out the cost of two cars now that have been lost to irresponsible participants.
    I had already started two traveling cars, both boxcars, which successfully traveled the world and returned home. The first, I sent to Tony (Gargoyle - NSN owner) and the second I "raffled" off. A lot of members seemed to enjoy the idea so, I painted an MT observation and sent it off with instructions to add a plastic person to represent the member in the car. Unfortunately, life sometimes gets in the way. When it got to Australia, the recipient became quite ill, and has been, seemingly, unable to forward the car. After some time, and not being too discouraged, I painted a second observation with the same rules (add yourself in the form of an LPP as passenger). Again, after several stops, it got held up in Idaho because the recipient became quite ill (some of us have to accept this at our age). I have heard nothing from either of the members involved but wish them well. I do not consider unplanned serious illness "irresponsible". The monetary loss is not important to me. I only feel badly that members who were looking forward to participating again, both times, were disappointed that the cars never reached their layouts. I do not feel cheated in any way, only disappointed we did not see the projects to anticipated fruition. My only purpose for posting earlier was to alert all who were interested in the project that I was "officially" recognizing the project had ended.

    Usually, when all is said and done, there's a lot more said than done!

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