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Thread: How to separate Kato Southern Pacific Daylight Articulated Chair 2 car set.

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    Default How to separate Kato Southern Pacific Daylight Articulated Chair 2 car set.

    Tonight, I saw a post from a member requesting how to separate a Kato Southern Pacific Daylights Articulated Chair 2 car set. So, I went ahead and try it myself. After I study how the car looks from the parts page at Kato Website; Click on #805354 or 805355 to study the picture.
    First of all, Be very gentle and please take your time!

    Flip the car over and gently pop out the center truck.

    Then grab both car ends and gently pull apart......

    Gently pull the divider from both cars

    Now comes the tricky part, separate the black bottom from the upper body shell (at open divider end) and you should be able to pull the body off with your fingers on both side. I had to take a picture so I had one hand to work with at the time.

    Do the same for the other body shell, Voila!

    I didn't have any lighting kit to install lights but you get the idea on how to separate these cars. Putting it back together was easy as taking it apart.
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