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Thread: JMRI on a Raspberry Pi 2

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    Default Auto starting DecoderPro on a Raspberry Pi

    Quote Originally Posted by TwinDad View Post
    I came back across this thread while setting up a Raspberry Pi Zero W for my club, and since it is both (a) very good and (b) linked to from the official JMRI website, I thought I'd add a few updates.

    In the intervening three years since @Sherman made the original post, updates to both JMRI and Raspbian OS have made this process SIGNIFICANTLY easier.

    With the current version of Raspbian ("Stretch") and the most recent versions of JMRI (certainly 4.14, most likely any 4.x release), the install boils down to this:

    I just bought a RPi 3 Model B and got it up and running. Like Sherman, I would like to run it headless, but without the need to log into the Pi remotely to start DecoderPro.

    I have gone around in circles chasing down threads on how to add programs for start-up at boot time, but have had no success.

    I also added icons to the desktop, but when I d-click on them, Pi asks if I want to execute/execute in terminal/open/cancel, so that doesn't work as expected. Same happens if I d-click on the file in "file manager". So, I don't know if that is why all of my auto-start attempts have been failures so far.

    So, I am curious, has anyone come up with a fool proof way to get this to start without human intervention?

    BTW, thanks for all the new info regarding what has changed since Sherman made his report.

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    I'm sure that there are multiple methods to do this and various reasons for choosing a particular solution. I found this page which illustrates 5 methods ...

    My suggestion would be to use the '.bashrc' option. This is very similar to the old windows 'autoexec.bat' if you can remember back that far.

    I don't have this setup on my machine (it is on the todo list though) so I can't be specific. You need to work out the command line to launch the DecoderPro - try looking in the properties of the shortcut icon. I'm guessing it by be something like '/home/pi/JMRI/DecoderPro' (

    T (Linux is 'case sensitive' so est this in a terminal window, so you know you have it right. The real trick it to add an '&' to the end of the command. This is to put the program in 'background' mode. This allows the .bashrc script to finish its thing.

    I hope that helps.

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