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Thread: How do you do TT&TO Operations?

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    Default How do you do TT&TO Operations?

    Looking for comments from people with medium-large layouts that have several train order stations!

    I'm trying to design an inexpensive system for train control on my layout. I have 5 train order stations that will need some communication with a dispatcher who is in an end of the room that isn't easily reached. I am strongly against having station operators at each TO station.

    My idea so far: Dispatcher has a panel of toggle switches to control LEDs mounted in the fascia at each TO station - Red/Green for each direction. Each station will have a cordless phone, as will the dispatcher's office. On green, each train will call in and OS. On red, the train will stop, call the dispatcher, and using materials on a clipboard at each TO station will write down their own train order (form 19s) slips as the dispatcher dictates them.

    My idea is just the best I've had yet. I welcome any ideas and advice that you have! How do you do your TT&TO operations?
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    I have a friend of mine that uses TT&TO (who happens to also model in N-Scale) that has a system like that. His phones are hard wired, but there are dispatcher controlled train order signals at various stations. When he has orders for a train, he sets the signals and the train crews come downstairs to get their orders. Crews also use the phones to O/S from the train order signals as they pass them (or at least their supposed to). There is also a trainmaster (the layout owner) who keeps an eye on things.
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