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Thread: New WEB BASED Track Planner

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mixy View Post
    The author of Trax contacted me after my complain in Facebook and the licensing issue with SCARM is solved. He agreed to pay a license fee for using my libraries data in his software. It was not pleasant for me to see my work copied without my permission, but I decided to be constructive instead of asking him to shut down this project. A web-based software could be of help for many model railroaders and I consider that as good for our hobby.

    sounds like it worked out for both parties, and you get a little money too
    ~ Charles


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    Quote Originally Posted by ChicagoNW View Post
    If you lived where that connection is tenuous or even able to kill a computer you'd find it as a flaw too.

    HUH, kill a computer?
    Wired connection mixed with a lightning strike. I've lost two of them, that way.
    Worth perhaps getting a wireless router...that way the $30 router dies instead of the $$$ computer. And you'd need some sort of power conditioner/ups to keep the wall socket from zapping it also.

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