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Thread: Trainworx 53' Trailer Review & Unboxing

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    Default Trainworx 53' Trailer Review & Unboxing

    I made this little video on the (relatively) new Trainworx 53' trailers. Enjoy!

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    The Trainworx' UPS and FedEx stuff looks top-notch. Too bad I missed out on the last run. My question is: What kind of rail cars to 53' trailers go on? My TOFCs are only 52' long. My COFCs are only 89' long, so they won't accommodate two 53' containers. Or, do only the containers go on rail cars (i.e., 53' Gunderson well-car)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metrolink View Post
    What kind of rail cars to 53' trailers go on?
    53' spine cars most commonly. (had a link to TTX, but their site uses silverlight so the link was broken)
    Of course there's no reason a long enough flat with hitch wouldn't handle a 53' trailer either.

    BLMA (now owned by atlas) had a couple of runs of spine cars in 5 car and 3 car articulated sets but I haven't actually gotten around to putting my trainworx trailers on the set that I have. also makes spine car kits if you feel up to assembling and painting yourself. They also have trailer hitches with their well cars, but say only FEC uses them. I do not have any info other than that about trailers in wells and whether they'll handle 53' trailers.
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