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Thread: Inkjet Refil Kits for N-scale Loco and Modeling Work

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    Default Inkjet Refil Kits for N-scale Loco and Modeling Work

    I had to purchase a few dollars more of stuff the other day to get to free shipping from Walmart. One thing I picked up that has worked out quite well was an Inkjet Refill Kit which has 4 syringes for less than $2 --

    I have a huge tub of PTFE grease that I use for gear lubrication but in the past would apply it with toothpicks and it was a bit messy (I would also forget to close it and was worried about it getting junk in it). Anyway, I was hoping that I could use the syringes for the PTFE grease and other liquids that I needed to dispense more accurately and neatly (e.g., electronic flux). They work quite well for this. The grease was a bit tough to get out at first but now comes out pretty readily / with much more control. Also the long tips are useful for getting the grease into tight spots. I bet those of you that do modeling can find multiple other uses for these. Some pics below for folks interested.

    20170619_111420.jpg 20170619_111056.jpg

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    Good tip! Thanks

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    Many hobby shops sell single ones, just for that purpose. They also sell plastic tips that are often used for glue.

    You do need to watch out for interactions between the plastic and the plunger and the stuff inside. These are very low grade versions and you may have air leaks, that may ruin your grease or glue.

    Antique glass syringes have been used for applying plastic glue and superglue. The glass construction survives cleaning with acetone much better than the plastic. You can make more accurate applicaticators with brass, aluminum or stainless steel tubing from K&S. They carry wider and narrower tubes. For work in very small places you can extend the applicator tip from the cylinder with model gas engine fuel line.
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