Centralia Car Shops 6-6-4 Sleeper Cars

On October 16, 2017, InterMountain announced that it will re-release its n-scale Centralia Car Shops 6-6-4 Sleeper Cars.

Reservations for these sleeper cars are due by November 30, 2017 with an estimated release date of May/June 2018. This re-release will be come out around the same time as InterMountainís Tier4 GEVO.

Per usual, if InterMountain does not receive enough pre-orders for this item, it may be cancelled.

These sleeper cars will be available in 16 different paint schemes, two of which are new and they are: ATSF (all gray) and Southern Pacific - Golden State late. Decorated cars will run ($49.95) and undecorated cars will list at ($44.95). Some features will include wire grab irons and interior lighting.

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