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Thread: Watch Where You Park!

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    Video Watch Where You Park!

    Video uploaded to You Tube by The AIO Entertainment

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    I love it when stuff like this happens to idiots . It's just perfect Karma . Too bad the train crew will have to spend time writing up a report .


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    Funny how every time he tried to get near the truck, the train gave it another right hook.

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    An amusing little story in a similar vein:

    Many years ago, a town I lived in was the terminus for a branch line. The line was supposedly open for trains 24 hours a day and ran past a local sports club. There hadn't been 'night' trains' for several year
    s and over that time, on sports practice nights, the club members had started to park their cars close to the tracks , inching ever closer until finally it became an accepted part of membership to simply find a space near the line and park. Inevitably, the night arrived when a freight train came into town. The loco crew very politely stopped short of the numerous cars and went into the club and, on entering the club building asked that the cars be removed. As it was interfering with the practice matches much grumbling ensued. However, the cars were moved. and the train went on its way. Another long gap followed and again cars were being parked as before. A Saturday night arrived and as was their way,, the club members celebrated club victories (and anything else) and proceeded to become somewhat drunk. It was also the night that another freight train turned up, arriving in the vicinity at around 0130. As before, cars were everywhere, so the crew walked in to ask that they be removed. However, this time, the crew were left in no doubt at all about their status and were verbally abused and generally made to feel very unwelcome.; the cars were NOT going to be moved!!. Nothing was said by the loco driver (Engineer) while this was going-on, and he and his fireman walked back to the locomotive. They got back in the cab and the driver said two words to his fireman; 'Hang on'. The train reversed-back some 50 metres and then started about notch 6. Inevitably it met some cars, and then even more cars, and all of a sudden the club members became very, very keen to remove their vehicles from across the track. The train kept on going!! Several vehicles were severely damaged as a result. Curiously, when the train came back along the tracks, there were no obstructions - at least, not that evening. As before, several weeks past before another night train appeared. A polite train crew again requested that the cars be removed and they were. The train went on its way. However, on its return, the Club President decided to make a stand against the unfairness shown by the train. He was after all 'Someone of Importance!! Despite warnings from others in the club, he deliberately parked his brand new, recently imported, American car with its nose across the track. He then stood back to watch. HE was going to teach the train guys that no-one messed with him. Suffice to say that the train came past at considerable speed and quickly reduced the import to so much scrap metal!!! Oddly, there were no further problems with cars and trains after that!! The railway company was subsequently approached for recompense for all the damaged cars, since after all it was THEIR train which was responsible!! They declined to pay out. Their view was a simple one. The club member's vehicles were trespassing on railway land and as such had no place to be there. It was also suggested that, because of that minor detail, perhaps THEY (The vehicle owners) should be charged under the law?? Strangely, nothing further was heard about the matter,... .

    As I said, a little story which might amuse (and yes, it actually DID happen). I hope you enjoyed it
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