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Thread: operation in dc

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    Default operation in dc

    of large modular layout, how it is carried out and the wiring (as a whole)? many thanks in advance.


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    Well. Most people use DCC these days, and I believe it's modular layouts where DCC really, really shines...

    ...that being said: I know of two options to DC operations of modular layouts.

    1) The classic N-trak "one train per track"-approach. Simple, you need one set of connectors and one powerpack per track.
    2) The Fremo-W-System with a second pair of wires parallel to each track... I hope you can follow some of the schematics, even though the text is in German: - here you can carry your controllers around and switch every track to the local controller input or to the controller inputs to the right or left. Basically, it's this system:


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    My old NTrak club used to block the main lines and they used Aristo Craft throttles for DC ops. It was archaic, but it worked. I’m so glad the DCC revolution has come. DCC makes ops so much more fun.

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