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Thread: Deck & Patio Railings and Fences

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    Default Deck & Patio Railings and Fences

    Good evening, fellow N-Scalers!

    I'd like to take this opportunity to debut another new "JunctionDesign" 3D printed product to the public market.

    Multi-packs of railings (and fences) for use around N-scale decks, Patios, etc. As with most of our products, the details make the difference. These railings are printed as close to "scale" as is practically possible, meaning that the 2x6's in the railing are only about 10% oversize (not the 15% undersize we're used to from the home improvement stores! LOL :-) )

    There are a total of four fence/railing types modeled, each available in at least two variations (height, length or both) resulting in NINE new products to keep your N-scale figures safe as they cast gaze over their back yards, or enjoy the newly constructed privacy fence. Each print consists of a set of several (between 2 and 4 depending on the style) railings approximately 3" affixed to a sprue.

    Style 1 is a newer, more "chunky" looking railing style, constructed of 2x6 upper and lower ribs, 2x4 verticals and a 2x6 top cap creating the perfect place for a dinner plate or cold bottle of your favorite beverage. This style is available in 36" and 48" heights.

    Style 2 is a privacy fence/railing, which has become very common in urban & suburban neighborhoods where houses tend to be closer to each other. The railing is available in 36" & 48" heights, as well as a 6' Fence option.

    Style 3 is an updated classic, featuring the more typical 2" square spindle sandwiched between the upper and lower supports. It's available in both 36" and 48" variations.

    Style 4 is by far the most decorative, and is commonly called a "Sunrise", as the spindles extended from the center appear to be rays of sun. This variation is only available in one height, but two lengths, either 6 or 8 scale feet in length.

    A select few of these have been printed for test and evaluation purposes, which revealed a couple design changes. With those complete, I felt now was a good time to announce these. They make great fodder for kitbashing or scratchbuilding, or just adding a personal touch to an off-the-shelf house model.

    Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the newest releases in this category, and don't forget to check out the rest of the store while you're there. You never know what you might find. As always, any comments and suggestions welcome. I'm always on the lookout for another challenge, a new model, or a new project.
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    Have a product you would like to see made in N?
    Feel free to get in touch with suggestions!

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