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Thread: BBC Article: Play Stations, Railway Stops Worth Lingering At

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    Default BBC Article: Play Stations, Railway Stops Worth Lingering At

    Interesting (to Moose) article on small train stations with interesting features. Link
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    Nice! Thanks for sharing. Wish we saw more of this in the states.
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    Nice piece.

    It wouldn't take too much to add tiny gardens to small passenger stations. It could be as simple as a 1/4" row of clump foliage with some flower color sprinkled on top. Separating the tracks from the commuter parking spots. Many times they are planted and maintained by a local nonprofit group. The simple gardens rarely get attention outside a small community newspaper.

    Most of us have odd spaces, near the stations, where we might only fill with grass or gravel. Perfect places for fancier greenery with a tiny path running through it. An odd scrap of brick wall could be cut apart and made into a walkway.

    For big modern stations with glass curtain walls, you can use them as miniature art galleries. Most of you have or had budding modern artists, turn that refrigerator art into postage stamp sized canvases on display. No artists in residence? Why not do some beauty shots on the layout and turn them into travel posters promoting the railroad.

    Something like the video game room can be simulated by flickering lights shining through a doorway. Or behind a frosted window. Rainbow LEDs, welding and fire circuits make convincing arcade lighting effects when used with other color LEDs, like green, dark blue and purple. Even a radio playing Muzak, MP3 player with station sounds/announcements, ITT Products offers or and can be used to generate lighting effects. The LEDs are wired in parallel to the speaker. The sounds show up as flickering.
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